Why South Africa?
No.1 BPO destination

Many Global Businesses have chosen South Africa to be part of their service delivery model partnering with one of the numerous businesses that operate from this No 1 BPO destination. Awarded the most favoured Customer Experience delivery location in 2021 (Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey), after 3 consecutive years in 2nd place, combined with a strategic focus on BPO by the South African government, the country has established its reputation for delivering high quality, consistent services into international markets.


The Value Proposition

South Africa’s value proposition is now well established.  This extract from Everest’s report summarises the 6 key elements.


Global service delivery capability

We are currently servicing the UK, Europe, USA and Australia markets.

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Expanding Range of Capabilities & Services


SA Commercial’s International Focus

The South African have backed their commitment to the BPO sector as a key priority for the Country’s growth through the role of the DTI working with BPeSA to drive the Global Business Services Sector Master Plan. This is underpinned with financial incentives focused on driving the growth of the industry & the skills required to meet an increasing international demand.

Incentives provided by the Department of Trade and Industry

Whilst the primary objective of the Department of Trade and Industry is to create employment in South Africa through servicing offshore activities, international companies can enjoy further cost reduction with DTI incentives in place.

  • GBS Incentive Guidelines Approved