Outsourced Shared Services from SA Commercial

Many organisations have benefited from consolidating internal services across business units, office locations, geographies, etc. and adopted a shared service delivery model. At SA Commercial, we are ideally placed to partner with you to run your shared services from our BPO operations in Cape Town.

As well as being ranked as the most favoured offshore CX delivery location (2021 Front Office Omnibus Survey: Ryan Strategic Advisory), South Africa has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality services across a broader range of disciplines. Cape Town has also established itself as the Tech Capital of Africa. Combined with its timezone alignment, well established 24/7 operating models & cost-effectiveness, this makes it an ideal location to build services covering Finance, HR, Legal, IT and beyond.


Outsourced Shared Service functions

At SA Commercial we build solutions for your specific shared service needs. Having access to strong skills and experience covering the usual shared service aspects: Finance, HR, Procurement & Technology we can design an operating model that meets your requirements consolidating from your existing locations.

We have experience working with internal shared service teams to supplement the capabilities or existing capacity. We can also transition activities to our Cape Town location and deliver an integrated solution from there to support your teams across the world.

As an experienced BPO provider, our team of highly skilled professionals are well-versed in developing processes & technologies to deliver efficiencies whilst not compromising the quality of experience.

Why outsource your Shared Services to SA Commercial?

SA Commercial offers tailor-made Shared Service support for companies, relying on a combination of technology and well-trained staff to deliver world-class services globally.

A solution designed to meet your specific needs

At SA Commercial, we dedicate time to listening to our clients, paying careful attention to your circumstances so that we can effectively identify your needs and deliver services that maximise the potential benefits. We don’t believe in one size fits; our model ensures that your solution is right for you.

The right blend of human & automation

Outsourced Shared Services functions provide huge opportunity to apply technology and automate routine but increasingly more complex processes. With our emphasis on the overall experience we will work with you to define the right mix of automation & human interaction that enhances the delivery of services delivering efficiency benefits and improving on quality.

A highly skilled team

We combine experience and passion across our people to ensure that what we deliver and how we deliver it achieves exacting standards. Cape Town has established a strong reputation for high-quality people joining the BPO industry; we pride ourselves on developing that talent, and your business is the recipient of the result.

A partner that will grow with you for the long-term

As your needs change and grow, we seek to be a strategic partner developing our solutions and bringing industry-leading thinking to transform the experience. We believe that our approach to developing solutions and who we are as an organisation is what makes us the right partner as your business grows and evolves.

Ensuring that quality is built into everything that we do

As an ISO accredited service provider our design and delivery of your Outsourced Shared Service functions will embed quality management principles ensuring we deliver right first time.

The Benefits of outsourcing Shared Service functions to SA Commercial

SA Commercial have demonstrated benefits from outsourcing Shared Service functions including:

  • 24/7 Availability

    Allowing us to shorten the time to complete processes/activities by not being restricted to standard office hours and depending on your timezone, allowing you to more easily adopt a follow the sun model for those time-critical activities.

  • Leverage technology

    Using a blend of our in-house team with key strategic partners, we can deploy various technologies to support your Outsourced Shared Service activities.

  • Multi-lingual capabilities

    Our Cape Town eco-system brings to access to a number of African & European languages (French, etc.), allowing us to deliver Shared Service functions in support of multiple geographies.

  • Reduced costs

    By combining improvements in efficiency, flexible resource solutions and labour arbitrage benefits, we can bring cost reductions to your global Outsourced Shared Service functions.

  • Improved accuracy

    By embedding quality & utilising technology to automate appropriate tasks we will deliver a higher right first-time result.

External validation

We place a strong emphasis on the rigour of our approach to delivering solutions to our clients and their customers. This rigour is underpinned by several external accreditations/validations.

Financial Sector Conduct Authority

We understand the regulatory environment, particularly in relation to the financial services industry. SA Commercial is registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa as a financial service provider in relation to short-term and long-term insurance. Our experience and understanding of financial services regulation are also beneficial to international clients.

ISO 9001: Quality Management Standards

Our ISO 9001 accreditation assures you that quality management is built into our business. Gaining certification against a quality management system with a Customer and People centric approach reinforces our ethos as a business and evidences that this is applied systematically in how we do things.

ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management Systems

Protecting information continues to be a fundamental requirement for any organisation. When you trust a partner to work with you and your customers it is imperative that you can have confidence that they will handle your information with the best possible care and can demonstrate that they have the culture, the systems and the controls in place to achieve this. Our certification under ISO/IEC 27001 confirms that you can trust us with your information and have the assurance that we adopt the systems and controls that back this protection up.