Outsourced Research, Data Gathering and Survey Services

When it comes to making decisions for your business, having access to relevant, real-time research is critical. Many companies, especially smaller businesses, do not have the means to employ a dedicated in-house market research team. And research will often involve data collection/surveys from your current or potential customers.

SA Commercial can offer support by conducting large scale data gathering and surveys using a range of channels to ensure maximum response from your target audience across multiple geographies using a combination of technology and human contact.

About SA Commercial’s Outsourced Research Services

Our research data / survey services include:

Survey design and methodology

We tailor our outsourced research services to each problem our clients are trying to solve. At SA Commercial, we fulfil the designed survey to ensure that the findings are accurate according to qualitative or quantitative methodology, depending on what is required.

Recruiting respondents

Locating the right respondents for your research is critical, whether you’re focused on B2B, consumers, C-Level, executives, financial, youth, education, medical, or more. Our team will enable our clients to find the best possible respondents that yield the most relevant results.

Data processing

Data processing can often be an arduous and time-consuming task that requires high levels of accuracy. At SA Commercial, we deliver swift and efficient data processing and ensure that it is accurate, organised and of the highest quality when you receive your data.

Analysis and reporting

Data analysis and evaluation reports are an essential part of the research process. The correct insights and market research can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. At SA Commercial, we can provide analysis of the data & survey responses to help you make informed decisions.

Why outsource your Research Services to SA Commercial

At SA Commercial we are passionate about providing world-class outsourced research services to businesses around the world. We are a Cape Town-based BPO business with the highest accreditations and awards to back up our commitment to providing you with high-class services.

By outsourcing your data gathering & survey services to SA Commercial, you can expect:

A solution designed to meet your individual needs

At SA Commercial, we dedicate time to listening to our clients, paying careful attention to your specific circumstances so that we can effectively identify your needs and deliver services tailored to your requirements. We don’t believe in one size fits; our model ensures that your solution is right for you.

The right blend of human & automation

Gathering data & Survey responses for research often requires high volumes of interactions. By using the right combination of automation across a number of channels along with human conversation we can maximise the volume of responses, minimize the cost of delivery and ensure optimal quality of the information gathered.

A highly skilled team

We combine experience and passion across our people to ensure that what we deliver and how we deliver it achieves exacting standards. Cape Town has established a strong reputation for high quality people joining the BPO industry; we pride ourselves on developing that talent and your business is the recipient of the result.

Ensuring that quality is built into everything that we do

We will design your outsourced research services with quality embedded in our approach.  Using industry-leading methodology and technology, we will ensure that our activities are of the highest standard through the design and delivery of data gathering and surveys and that continuous improvement and learning is at the heart of our quality systems.

Benefits of Outsourcing Research Services to SA Commercial

Outsourcing your research data gathering/survey services to SA Commercial you will secure a number of benefits including:

  • 24/7 availability

    With 24-Hour service delivery, we ensure that our clients stay permanently connected to their customers, allowing them to take advantage of running for the total amount of time every day. At SA Commercial, we take full responsibility for managing the customer service experience of your business efficiently and effectively.

  • Reduce Costs

    The most prominent reason for outsourcing your research services is reducing costs for hiring and training an in-house market research team. By using SA Commercial as your research provider you can achieve a more flexible model aligned to your survey needs. We can also deliver cost savings operating as part of your global research programme through labour arbitrage benefits.

  • Reach a more significant percentage of your target market

    The process of gathering contact details and persuading people to participate in relevant surveys and studies for your business can be challenging. By outsourcing your research services to SA Commercial, we reach out to an extensive base of clients on your behalf

  • Objective External Point of View

    One of the advantages of outsourcing your research services is that it provides an objective external point of view.  As an independent provider you can present results/findings with increased rigor built into the process.

External validation

We place strong emphasis on the rigour of our approach to delivering solutions to our clients and their customers. This rigour is underpinned by several external accreditations / validations.

Financial Sector Conduct Authority

We understand the regulatory environment, particularly in relation to the financial services industry. SA Commercial is registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa as a financial service provider in relation to short-term and long-term insurance. Our experience and understanding of financial services regulation are also beneficial to international clients.

ISO 9001: Quality Management Standards

Our ISO 9001 accreditation assures you that quality management is built into our business. Gaining certification against a quality management system with a Customer and People centric approach reinforces our ethos as a business and evidences that this is applied systematically in how we do things.

ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management Systems

Protecting information continues to be a fundamental requirement for any organisation. When you trust a partner to work with you and your customers it is imperative that you can have confidence that they will handle your information with the best possible care and can demonstrate that they have the culture, the systems and the controls in place to achieve this. Our certification under ISO/IEC 27001 confirms that you can trust us with your information and have the assurance that we adopt the systems and controls that back this protection up.