Looking for an offshore BPO partner? Cape Town’s SA Commercial is your answer

Looking for an offshore BPO partner? Cape Town’s SA Commercial is your answer

South Africa is among the top BPO destinations in the world, a reputation that has grown quickly in recent years. In fact, so acclaimed is South Africa as an ideal offshore destination, in April 2021 we were named as The Most Favoured Global Offshore CX Delivery Location, by Ryan Strategic Advisory.

While this is certainly great news, it comes as no surprise as South Africa has been leading the charge as the perfect offshore destination for quite some time and this award is acknowledgment of the progress and commitment of all stakeholders including BPOs, investors and government, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the South African BPO industry now valued at $461 million (R6.4 billion) and with continued government focus, investment and tax incentives, the BPO industry will continue to grow and contribute positively to the local and national GDP of our country.

South Africa offers great cost-efficiency to our offshore clients. Compared to popular BPO destinations across the globe, we offer an operational cost saving of between 60% – 70% thanks to our favourable exchange rate to the USA and European markets. SA Commercial offers flexible pricing and costing models to suit our clients’ requirements. Underpinning the cost savings benefit is a matured and experienced BPO industry that achieves exceptional standards of Quality and Customer Experience. With 14 years’ of ‘skin-in-the-game’ SA Commercial provides contact centre resources with clear, neutral accents and natural empathetic tones. State-of-the-art Quality Monitoring Systems and Speech Analytics software allows us to provide valuable business insights and customer feedback to our clients. This in return ensures direction for continuous improvement and process optimisation.

With regards to location, Cape Town has been ranked as one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to a report from FDI Intelligence, a data division of the Financial Times group. In addition to receiving the largest number of foreign direct investment projects in the software and IT services sector, Cape Town was awarded second place for FDI strategy after displaying impressive initiative in creating the necessary infrastructure for a thriving tech ecosystem. This further reinforces Cape Town’s technical infrastructure to support international standards with ease.

As the world of customer service, experience and service delivery transcends to the inevitable digital universe due to increased customer demand of alternative and non-traditional channels of communication, the BPO sector is too unaffected by this inevitable transformation. SA Commercial leads the innovation space in this regard with a highly customisable omni-channel solution. Alternative digital channels for customer support and engagement are at the forefront of our business offering. Social media management and complex customer management are all conveniently managed via our single-view-of-your-customer omni-channel system.

An award-winning, experienced BPO based in what many now term as the outsource capital of the world, SA Commercial embraces the culture of Ubuntu (an African philosophy that places emphasis on ‘being self through others’) as a platform and basis to being an extension of your brand. Our organisational culture has been the secret to our success and we understand and appreciate the absolute fundamental importance of echoing your culture through our operation. We have a strong industry reputation of being extremely people-centric with the highest levels of integrity and are obsessively results-driven. Our strategic focus on compliance and data security, ensuring our ISO9001 & ISO27001 certification, provides our clients piece of mind and comfort with regards to their data and data processes.

Connect with us on www.sa-commercial.co.za, phone local 086 186 8788 or international +27 (0) 21 409 5700 or email info@sa-commercial.co.za to hear more about how we can support you and your business.